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Services We Offer

At Catamount Painting & Restoration our experience enables us to offer a variety of professional services for both residential and commercial needs. Please don't hesitate to contact us for some experienced council about a project you may have, or a free estimate about your project.

Residential Painting

We take great pride in our residential interior and exterior painting. Working with Vermont & New Hampshire homeowners is our specialty at Catamount Painting & Restoration. Our professionally trained paint technicians will insure all your needs are met in a timely manner with the highest possible quality results. It is a privilege to work for you and it is our goal that your project runs smoothly. Our goal is to exceed your highest expectations. Call for your free, no-pressure estimate. Your project is our top priority.

Commercial Painting

At Catamount Painting & Restoration we are capable of handling your mid-sized commercial projects, apartment repaints, multi-family exteriors, offices, senior living complexes or hallways. We will work with you to accommodate your schedule and meet your needs, so there is little disruption in your place of business or for your residents. Our team of professional paint technicians will get the job done quickly and with the quality you would expect. Call to schedule your free, no-pressure estimate.

Metal Roof Painting & Restoration

Replacing a metal roof is an expensive undertaking that is not necessary a large percentage of the time. The restoration and painting of a metal roof is a much more affordable alternative that will restore a metal roof to like new beauty and add a decade or more of new life to your roof. The paint we use is a Sherman Williams product that was actually designed for theme parks such as Disney World and simular places. It was then used on the metal of their rides being a high end industrial paint with incredible longevity. The first metal roof we painted with this product was done 11 years ago in Grafton Vermont and still looks just as good today as ones we painted last summer.

New Structure Painting and Historical Painting Restoration

At Catamount Painting & Restoration we are able to offer the highest quality results whether your project is a new home, or a historical restoration in need of very specialized painting skills.

With regard to historical restoration: True historical restoration means that you must adhere to historical guidelines. This usually applies to buildings where grants are received for work to be done, or just a private residence that is listed as a historical house. To retain the overall value, and keep the historical value recognized by the town work must be done under historical specifications. Doing so means needing to work with what is there.

We opperate under guidelines on how to plaster; we can do old traditional plastering from mixing our own plaster using fiberglass just as they used to with horse hair, and apply it to the old lathe or patches where it is needed. Generally speaking there is a lot to the professional restoration of a historical structure and that is why it is so important to work with professionals such as Catamount Painting & Restoration.


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