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Our Story

Painting a HomeCatamount Painting was established in 1990 by owner Jim Momaney, though he has been painting for over 30 years now. I feel fortunate to have been trained by my family, which gave me generations of painting and restoration experience. My uncles and cousins also taught me the importance of honest work ethics and delivering a high standard of finished results.

I first began painting at the age of 16 with my uncle and cousin who were already in the business. At the age of 18 I began thinking that I really wanted to take painting seriously and learn the trade. I continued working for my uncles and cousins for another 8 years learning the trade until at the age 26 I finally decided to go out on my own.

Having worked with my uncle in a lot of old buildings when I was between the ages of 16 to 19 restoration was one of the first things I became involved doing. We worked in many old Brattleboro buildings where the plaster needed to be restored and the general condition of the buildings were very run down. I gained years of what I call old style painting experience; it’s not new construction where you are dealing with sheet rock, but with old plaster, rough paint, and trim that needs to be straightened out, cleaned up and restored.

As for my business ambitions I will never be a giant business. I will never have 20 employees as back in the days when I worked for my uncles. I prefer a smaller group of employees. With 5 or 6 employees I can be on the job working myself, and actually that’s where I want to stay because I want to be part of the physical aspect of the business. When working with a smaller group of employees I can maintain good quality control and ensure the best possible results.

I want my clients to feel that they received the quality results I promised to deliver, and at the price expected. That’s been the strength of my business; I would have to say that 99 percent of the people I started working for 24 years ago I still work for today. My repeat business has been huge, and that has to do with keeping the quality high and with me being around. People like to know that I am going to be on the job.

Catamount Painting offers a wide range of painting services from historical restoration to new construction, interior and exterior, residential and commercial. We are fully insured as well as EPA lead renovator certified. Our territory includes all of southern Vermont and New Hampshire.

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